It’s Time for Our Annual Pre-Pay Offer

mosquito joe van next to houseEvery February we get very busy here at Mosquito Joe. We are preparing for the coming season of mosquitoes and to kick it off we always offer our pre-pay special to all our customers, new and old. It’s a pretty simple concept that allows everyone to save money, and to sit back and relax while we take care of their yards for as long as they choose. The customers we have treated all year particularly like to take advantage of the program and are always welcome to start another when they finish, even if it’s mid-fall or January.

The concept is a simple one. A full year of services, performed once every 3 weeks, is 17. The pre-pay offer comes in two tiers. Tier one is a 10% savings. Customers who pick between 10 to 12 services can pre-pay for those and save 10%. Tier two is a 15% savings. Customers can pick anywhere from 13 to 17 services (a full year) and pre-pay those and save.

mosquito joe 15 percent per-pay special

Mosquito Joe will manage the pre-pay account and monitor progress throughout the year. Let’s say a customer, we will call Bill, wants to do the pre-pay. Bill opts for the 13 services at a 15% discount. Bill pre-pays for those and then sits back and enjoys his yard. Every 3 weeks we go out to treat for Bill and draw from his pre-pay to cover the cost of the service. When Bill has 2 services left, Mosquito Joe sends him an email letting him know. When Bill uses his last pre-paid service or is just about to, we give Bill a call and discuss his options. Bill can opt to continue his service and pay as he goes.  He can opt to hold his account until the following spring, or he can choose to do another pre-pay and continue to be treated. Let’s say Bill opts to do another pre-pay, but then in January he has to take an extended trip and won’t be home for some time. He can just give us a call and we will hold his account until he gets back into town. When he is ready to start again his pre-pay will be waiting for him.

If you are looking for a service and want a simple way to save money, this is for you!  Don’t ever hesitate to ask us about our pre-pay offer. While we reach out to our customers this month about pre-pay, we offer the pre-pay option all year and will always be happy to run some numbers for you so you can pick the option you like best. Just give us a call and we will help you from there. Happy Spring!!!