Our Mosquito Control Options

Our Mosquito Control Options

There are many reported ways to mosquitoes at bay. Some work and many don’t. Here at Mosquito Joe, we offer proven options to control your mosquitoes and make your outside fun again. Misting Systems, Barrier Treatments, Traps, Repellants, Adulticides, and Larvicides; all are ways to help fight mosquitos. The key to success is to use the right combination at your property.

Barrier Treatments using both Adulticides and Larvicides have shown to be highly effective for most properties. They reduce the population of mosquitos by up to 95%. That’s pretty close to perfect and for most property owners it is all they need. However, for some properties, the 5% that aren’t taken care of can make a significant impact on their outdoor comfort.

Luckily, there are some adjuncts that can be used for those properties.

Mosquito Joe Max Protection – Thermacell LIV+ in conjunction with barrier service

Mosquito Joe installs Thermacell LIV+ Systems to keep mosquitoes at bay from your yard.In 2021, Mosquito Joe partnered with Thermacell to provide the LIV+ System to customers.

The LIV+ System comprises of a hub that is wired to a series of repellers that can be controlled by pushbutton or through an app on a smartphone. These repellers can be configured to protect up to about 1000 square feet outdoors. This is perfect for a patio area or for around a pool and when used with Mosquito Barrier Treatments, provides Maximum Protection from mosquitoes, biting midges, and even some flies.

  • Completely customizable for your outdoor space.Thermacell LIV+ System, installations offered by Mosquito Joe.
  • Can be used around people and pets.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No odor.
  • On-demand, use it only when you need it.
  • Can be controlled by your smartphone.
  • Durable, handsome equipment installed by a professional

In2Care & Barrier Treatments

Mosquito trap offered by Mosquito Joe of NW Houston or Mosquito Joe of S Brazos Valley.Some properties have off-site breeding grounds that hinder how well Mosquito Barrier Treatments work. A 95% reduction in mosquitoes is awesome, however, 5% of millions is a lot of mosquitoes. This is particularly true for those customers who suffer from a high population of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes. For these properties, In2Care traps are a great add-on. In2Care traps are the perfect place for Aedes Mosquitos to lay their eggs. When the female mosquito lays her eggs in the trap she takes a little dose of a biological fungus with her. When she visits the next water source, she will leave some of that fungus behind. She will also pass it along to male mosquitoes when they mate. This fungus targets newly hatched Mosquito Larvae and kills them as they move through their life cycle, preventing them from becoming adults. It also kills the adult carrying it. Over a period of 3-4 weeks, these traps can reduce the number of livable water sources for larvae and in turn greatly reduce the number of adult-biting mosquitoes. These traps, when used in conjunction with a barrier service and a proper Mosquito Management Plan, can make the difference for a customer who has a preponderance of Aedes in their yard.

For some customers a Misting System is the best option:Mosquito Misting System offered by Mosquito Joe of NW Houston and Mosquito Joe of S Brazos Valley.

For some properties, particularly those that have a little barrier between surrounding properties (think golf course lots, for example) a barrier service may not be advised. While the service will kill the mosquitoes in your yard, it cannot prevent new ones from flying in if there is nothing but air between you and an untreated area. In these cases, we recommend a Misting System as an option. Installing a 55-gal drum on the side of the house, a nozzle system is installed that will spray out several times a day (the frequency is of your choosing) and allow you to manually spray as needed. The residue remains on the leaves, much like a Barrier Service, and works to kill mosquitoes as they fly by the mist of land on the leaves.

Misting System nozzle on fence, service offered by Mosquito Joe of NW Houston and Mosquito Joe of S Brazos Valley.

If you need Mosquito Control, give Mosquito Joe of NW Houston a call. We can come and look at your property and create a plan specific to your yard and needs. If you are currently on a Mosquito Control Plan and not getting the results you had hoped for Mosquito Joe can customize Treatments, Repellants, and Traps to make your Outside Fun Again. Our quotes are always free, and we are always happy to answer questions and help you decide what works for you. Just call us a call at 281-815-0228 or email us at nwhoustonbrazos@mosquitojoe.com.