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Great service from the time I called. The technician was great also. Nice guy did a very thorough job and we didn't see a bug for our event. Will use again.

Jp T
Oct 27, 2018

Great results. I'd say it's 98% effective. That's great, considering going from 100 mosquitos to 2 is fantastic!!! I think everyone should try it. Leave a sign next time so that I can encourage my neighbors to use you as well.

Michael V
Oct 23, 2018

The whole crew handled themselves in a complete professional manner. Many thanks!

Marshall P
Oct 19, 2018

So far the service has been great!! And I did notice less mosquitos after our first treatment.

Dawn D
Oct 15, 2018

Is it almost time for another treatment? Starting to become a problem again.

Mark D
Oct 15, 2018

In the beginning it didn't rain much and I was able to wash my cars outside, without getting bitten. Lately it started raining more, so I do see a few mosquitoes, but not near as many as we use to have. Thanks

Scott B
Oct 09, 2018

No more swarming mosquitos, especially during dusk

David H
Sep 14, 2018

The first time you sprayed I had no mosquitos the next day. The second spraying I did have four or five land on me but I’m still loving it.

Paul E
Aug 13, 2018

I almost died from WEST NILE VIRID and may be experiencing side effects. I couldn’t go outside after the first treatment the number of mosquitos decreased. After the second treatment I no longer wear sprays to keep mosquitos away which most of the time did not work.

Sylvia A
Jul 31, 2018

Great value and keeps getting greater as mosquitoes increase in numbers and spreading disease. One worry less thanks to this reliable and effective service.

Mick D
Jul 17, 2018