Employee Spotlight: Molly Davis

Employee Spotlight: Molly Davis


Molly has been working for Mosquito Joe as an office assistant since the summer of 2017 when she was in high school. Since then, she has taken over our social media management and been with us every summer, and on occasion over spring and winter break. Now a senior at TAMU Corpus Christi, Molly will be with us this summer for a short time before she moves into a career in digital marketing, with a focus on the environmental justice field.

What made you want to work at Mosquito Joe of NW Houston & S Brazos?

I grew up watching my mother open and build Mosquito Joe NW Houston from the ground up in our home. My older sister also worked in the “office” (our study) in the early years, where I learned all about our work through many one-sided phone conversations. When the time came to look for my first job, my mother was more than supportive of me taking a position to assist her.

What’s one word to describe your time at Mosquito Joe?

Not the word many might use to describe their work experience, but I think “family” is the first to come to mind. It’s a family business, after all! I work(ed) alongside my brothers, sister, mother, and stepfather over the years, and we worked out of our home office for my first few years as an office assistant. Family has been an integral part of my time at Mosquito Joe.

Do you have a favorite customer story?

Yes, actually! I always love to hear feedback from a happy customer and know that the work we do in the office makes a positive impact on others. It was a phone call with one of our customers, a very kind, older woman. She called the office just to tell us all about how happy she was with our services; we chatted about gardening, hummingbirds, our family business, and just how pleased she was to enjoy time outdoors with loved ones. It’s always nice to be reminded we are making a difference for others.

Fun fact about you?

I’m a college student at TAMU Corpus Christi and an active member of my university’s environmental club and feminist club. A lot of my spare time is spent organizing in my community and hosting events like beach cleans, educational workshops, and environmental justice efforts. I was also a gymnast and a big science fair nerd when I was younger!

Do you have any hobbies?

Other than things previously mentioned, I love attending concerts and supporting local music/artists. I’m lucky enough to attend college on the beach, so I also frequently visit my favorite spots on the Corpus Christi coast. A last hobby would be traveling, something I hope to do much more of when I graduate.

What are some of the most common misconceptions customers have about mosquitoes?

I feel like there are so many. ‘Baby mosquitoes’ is probably the most common phrase I hear which is not accurate (as we all know thanks to the amazing previous blog, ‘The Life-Cycle of a Texas Mosquito”. Customers new to Texas also have a misconception about ‘mosquito season’ and are unpleasantly surprised upon realizing there is no rest for the wicked down here.

What is a typical day at Mosquito Joe like?

Mosquito Joe of NW Houston Office Assistant, Molly!My day in the office usually begins the same, with coffee and emails! When I am in the office full time, I make a social media post every morning and make a handful of quote request calls from the night before. I answer phone calls throughout the day, help manage the technicians in the field, and organize services for the next day (all while keeping very close company for the office dog, of course).

What’s your best piece of advice for someone wanting to control mosquitoes in their yard?

Standing water and a clean yard do wonders! I’ll always tell customers over the phone that just a teaspoon of water can breed up to 300 mosquito eggs at a time, multiple times over. Think outside of the box and check gutters, plant saucers, electrical boxes, etc. Or give us a call at 281-815-0228 and I can make my brothers do all of that and more for you!