Installed LIV Systems

Installed LIV Systems

When it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, Mosquito Joe of NW Houston has you covered with a variety of options tailored to your yard. Barrier services work amazingly well for yards with privacy fencing or a strong wood line. Misting systems are great for those golf course lots or yards with no physical barrier between neighbors. But what if your needs are smaller? What if you are not worried as much about your yard but simply want to enjoy your patio or balcony? We have a solution for that too!

Mosquito Joe can install and monitor a Thermacell LIV system for you that you control via your smartphone or with a simple push of the button. It can cover your deck, patio, firepit, and play-space areas at the push of a button. These systems are people, pet, and planet friendly and repel mosquitoes through the use of an odorless, invisible vapor.

Our Thermacell LIV and Misting System specialist, Tanner, will come to your property and measure the area you are wanting to protect. He will then come back to the office and design a system to fit that area and provide the protection you need. This design will be emailed to you along with a quote. Mosquito Joe will monitor your system daily and reach out when you are in need of a refill, or to let you know we will be visiting because the system requires it.

The design of the system will cover the area much like the two examples below:

Thermacell 945 Sq FT design and Thermacell 1,575 Sq Ft design

Thermacell smart hubThermacell smart hubThe design begins with your outdoor power source and installation of the Smart Hub. This Hub is small and unobtrusive as you can see.

Thermacell repeller in yardThe Repellers, each creating a 315 sq ft zone of mosquito protection, are installed to the Hub using low-voltage cables in the areas you want to protect. These Repellers are made of all-weather die-cast aluminum and are built to withstand all our weather conditions. The cables are buried under the ground or neatly mounted and the Repellers are inconspicuous, blending into the landscaping and lighting. One Smart Hub can link a maximum of 6 Repellers. You can always opt for two Smart Hubs’ if your needs are greater.

Thermacell smart phone connection. Once the LIV system is installed, we will get you connected on your smart phone so you can turn the system on and off at the click of a button. The system does have an “automatic-off” override after 6 hours, so if you forget after that party, we’ve got you covered! Of course, you can always turn the system on with a simple button-push at the Hub.

One fill provides about 180 hours of coverage, but Mosquito Joe of NW Houston will let you know when you are getting low and schedule a visit to refill the repellers. Check out this great video to see one in action! If you want to learn more, or obtain a free quote from us, just give us a call at 281-815-0228 and ask for Tanner.

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