Christmas Gift Idea 2022

It seems like we all have people in our lives who are hard to buy for. Some have everything they need and want for nothing; others can never think of any ideas when asked. It’s an annual struggle to come up with ideas for family and loved ones that they will enjoy and that they won’t receive duplicates of.

Pest control is never at the top of someone’s mind when they are trying to think of a gift idea, but we are here to tell you that our gift certificates are a huge success. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year – your loved ones can enjoy their outside spaces all summer long and reclaim their backyard. Trust us, what may seem like an unusual idea will have your loved one thanking you all year long.

Stack of gifts wrapped in gold and white wrapping paperMosquito Joe offers several gift ideas for you.  Your first option is a barrier service for a fixed period of time – 10 services (completed once every 3 weeks) will provide a bite-free yard for the summer, or you can opt for more – 17 being a full year, it is entirely up to you. We provide a festive gift certificate for you wrap up and stay in contact with your giftee letting them know when the services you purchased are completed. You also save 10% on the cost if you purchase 10, and 15% if you opt for 13 or more.

For those who have a smaller space they enjoy and want to spend time in – like a patio area, or a party/outdoor kitchen, we can offer a LIV+ system. This system connects to WiFi and turns on via your phone or by a simple push of a button on the provided hub. Your gift will be installed according to the specific space, and your loved one just turns the system on when they are outside. Mosquitoes, biting midges, and even some flies beat a hasty retreat. Mosquito Joe monitors the system and lets the owner know when a refill is needed – a unit will run for 180 hours before a refill is needed (if you forget to turn it off it will turn itself off, so you don’t waste your fill). We also offer one year, same as cash, financing for these systems and they start at $535.

While these are the two most popular options we have, perhaps you have a loved one who constantly struggles with fleas in their yard and wants to try and control them for their pet. Or if you have a family member who is really allergic to fire ant bites we can help there too.
Stack of gifts with a tag that says, "Just for you."

To get started and learn more about costs and options, just call or email us with the address of the property and we can get you a quote.  If you move forward, we set up the account, take the payment and create your gift certificate for you along with your personalized message.

If you want to learn more just call us at 281-815-0228 or email us at We wish you all a very happy holiday season!